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Take Action And Get Involved

Pick the best way for you to help us to serve our communities better

Here’s How You Can Help

We value your time and believe we can have a mutually beneficial relationship. We are working on several exciting projects at New Era Educational and Charitable Support Foundation, and we need your volunteer help in order to succeed! Volunteers are the heart of our Foundation, and without the participation of community members like yourself, New Era Educational and Charitable Support Foundation wouldn’t be able to fulfill its mission.

Do you have a penchant for events coordinating? Then join our Events Committee! We may have a project for you! We look forward to hearing from you! If you have skills in proposal writing, projects monitoring and evaluation, photo editing, outreach and community mobilization, organizing, fundraising, etc, please send an email We are particularly, currently looking for Volunteers to serve as Project Consultants, Development and Fundraising Coordinator, Communications Coordinator, Project Assistants, etc.

For more information email us:

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