The Len and Libby Traubman Interfaith Fellowship Announced

New Era Educational and Charitable Support Foundation, a Jos, Nigeria-based national nonprofit is inviting interested young people aged 18-35 years to submit applications for participation for the 2021 Cohort of The Len and Libby Traubman Interfaith Fellowship. This annual Interfaith Fellowship is to honor and celebrate Len and Libby Traubman, Pioneers of Global Grassroots Interfaith Peacebuilding and Founders of the Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue. Len, a pediatric dentist, retired after 35 years in his practice of dentistry and Libby, a retired clinical social worker, and former trustee of the Foundation for Global Community, have both shepherded the Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue, established in July 1992, whose principles of living together apply universally to relationships between diverse citizens and with Earth herself. Len and Libby have travelled widely, supporting communicative next-generation of participatory citizenry to practice faith-inspired, people-and-planet decision-making that results in social, economic, cultural, and spiritual prosperity for all, excluding no one. While Len Traubman has “returned home” peacefully, Libby Traubman continues this legacy.

Application Forms and Participation details are available at The Len and Libby Traubman Interfaith Fellowship Page.

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