Charities and non-profit organizations play an integral role for supporting underserved members of society in any country. Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa and receives a considerable amount of aid due to the significant inequality of wealth., an international comparison platform that helps consumers instantly find the best exchange rate ahead of making their international money transfers, recently asked its users to nominate the best charities in Nigeria. New Era Educational and Charitable Support Foundation was chosen by thousands of users of the Platform, among the top 20 Charities in Nigeria.

New Era Educational and Charitable Foundation fosters youth leadership development that promotes pluralism and rejects corruption. We build cross-cultural teams of young women and men with skills to emerge from dysfunctional families, and for some, drug-influenced lives on the streets, to become peer-leaders and agents of peace capable of helping themselves, of shaping a positive and sustainable society that rejects violence, and who insist on communicating excellence and unbridled compassion for all. We work with the youth to develop: 1) a sense of belonging to a common and interconnected humanity; 2) dignity for all people; 3) dedication to preserving the natural environment; and 4) a strong social service ethic.

For further details, visit TOP 20 CHARITIES IN NIGERIA 2021 WEBSITE

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