With funding and technical support from Global Center on Cooperation Security and Carefronting Nigeria, New Era Educational and Charitable Support Foundation, has launched a six-month “Strengthening Citizens Against Radicalization Through Leadership and Re-integration Training in Northern Nigeria (Project SCARLIT)” in Bauchi State, Nigeria. This is part of Global Center and Carefronting’s efforts at Empowering Youth Leaders to Counter Violent Extremism in Nigeria. The agreement was signed on April 1, 2019 between representatives of Global Center/Carefronting and New Era Educational and Charitable Support Foundation, signaling the formal commencement of project.

The strategic goal of the project is to prevent the radicalization of youth by strengthening the capacity of local citizens and community organizations through base-level psycho-social training and tools that foster peace and dialogue engagement to support successful rehabilitation and reintegration.

Project SCARLIT has as a core component to provide capacity-building support that both strengthens the efforts of local CSOs in providing rehabilitation and reintegration support to IDPs, as well as supporting CSOs in their preventing violent extremism (PVE) efforts as well. Typically during conflicts the response from security and humanitarian entities is either emergency assistance which is immediate, or development aid which takes a significantly longer time to realize. Too often services that are needed that lie in between the two response options do not exist. Programming bridges are needed to sustain and promote the empowerment of the individual and community as they move from emergency crisis to long-term sustainability. This is the space that Project SCARLIT fills. This training designed for local CSO staff, inclusive of community-based organizations (CBOs) and local faith-based organizations (FBOs) builds the capacity in the space between emergency and development.

The Global Center on Cooperative Security works with governments, international organizations, and civil society to develop and implement comprehensive and sustainable responses to complex international security challenges through collaborative policy research, context-sensitive programming, and capacity development. In collaboration with a global network of expert practitioners and partner organizations, the Global Center fosters stronger multilateral partnerships and convenes key stakeholders to support integrated and inclusive security policies across national, regional, and global levels.

Carefronting-Nigeria is a Kaduna-based registered international nonprofit working towards protecting and promoting women, youths and children in all sectors of national development and peace building through the empowerment and integration of all especially youths, in the development process of the nation in all sector and at all levels.

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