NEEDCSI Holds Interfaith Conference

New Era Educational and Charitable Support Foundation, in partnership with United Religions Initiative-Africa and the Economic, Social and Cultural Council of the African Union (AU-ECOSOCC), hosted the 7th International Conference on Youth and Interfaith Dialogue, from November 20-21, 2015, at the HAVISTA HOTELS, ASOKORO Abuja, Nigeria. The theme of the 7th conference was “The Role of Religions to promote Peace, Security, Sustainable Development and Transcend Violent Extremism in Africa”.

The Conference provided an opportunity for State and non-state actors, including religious and faith leaders, along with other stakeholders to share experiences and to address key issues and challenges relating to the promotion of tolerance and reconciliation with the aim of fostering peaceful and inclusive societies and countering violent extremism. This is an extraordinary international conference examining concepts of "The OTHER" from a universal, cross-cultural perspective to promote a wider public dialogue about images of "Us and Them". Since its launch in October 2009, the annual International Conference on Youth and Interfaith Dialogue has introduced and supported actions expanding mutual perceptions among individuals of different religions, cultures, genders, and ethnicities. The Conference brings together senior citizens, including representatives of governmental and inter-governmental agencies, CSOs and Faith-based Groups within Nigeria and around the world to promote and improve mutual respect between faiths and cultures and to support civil society and individuals who intend to reject violence and build our common future.

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