NEEDCSI Conducts Youth Empowerment

As Part of its implementation of the “Strengthening Citizens Against Radicalization Through Leadership and Re-integration Training in Northern Nigeria”- (Project SCARLIT), with support from the Global Center on Cooperative Security, New Era Educational and Charitable Support Foundation’s Youth and Peace Education Team, conducted Youth Empowerment activities through Peer Education in Secondary School students in Jos North and Jos South of Plateau State, Nigeria. Over 200 Peer Educators were trained by 8 Master Trainers in the following schools:

  1. Government Secondary School, Kufang

  2. Government Secondary School, Chulyap

  3. Government Secondary School, Kabong

  4. First Baptist High School, Bukuru

To support and sustain Peer Educator activities in the schools targeted, Peace Education Clubs were then established and supported with tools and resources. The Peace Education Clubs meet weekly in their schools to discuss peace initiatives and the building of coalitions for peacebuilding and violence prevention. A total of 1096 students have been fully and actively engaged through the Peace Education Clubs (PECs)

The goal of Project SCARLIT is to prevent the radicalization of youth by strengthening the capacity of local citizens and community organizations through base-level psycho-social training and tools that foster peace and dialogue engagement to support successful rehabilitation and reintegration.

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