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New Era Educational and Charitable Support Foundation, with support from the Global Center on Cooperative Security organized two (2) specialized trainings on Countering Violent Extremism, De-radicalization and Re-Integration Strategies for twenty five (25) selected CBOS, FBOs and NGOs, working in project target areas of Plateau State, Nigeria. The First of such trainings was conducted at the Treasures Inn & Suites, Rayfield, Jos on January 17, 2017, while the second training was conducted on March 3rd- 4th, 2017 at the InterGender Conference Hall, Rayfield, Jos. A total of 46 Participants, representing 25 FBOs, CBOs and NGOs, actively participated in these two training sessions. Resource Persons for the training were Maji Peterx from Carefronting, Michael Sodipo from Peace Direct, Boniface Kazah from Justice, Peace and Development Commission (JDPC) of the Catholic Diocese of Jos, Nigeria.

Typically during conflicts the response from security and humanitarian entities is either emergency assistance which is immediate, or development aid which takes a significantly longer time to realize. Too often services that are needed that lie in between the two response options do not exist. Programming bridges are needed to sustain and promote the empowerment of the individual and community as they move from emergency crisis to long-term sustainability. This is the space that Project SCARLIT fills. This training designed for local CSO staff, inclusive of community-based organizations (CBOs) and local faith-based organizations (FBOs) builds the capacity in the space between emergency and development.

The capacity-building training is designed to provide local service providers with tools to assess trauma (not as a clinician, but as a community worker supporting individual and community assets) along with strategies designed to build individual and community resiliency. Local CSOs are critical to long-term development, and this project seeks to provide them with additional tools for addressing trauma to support reintegration and rehabilitation.

The training provides an overview of global best practices informed by local context in prevention against radicalization and violent extremism (PVE), rehabilitation, and reintegration, to inform the planning of local programming to be implemented by the CSOs as they work with high-risk youth, including IDPs. The leadership and reintegration training addresses the adjustment challenges experienced by refugees and youth returning from life in captivity. The training and toolkit is grounded in sound research and best practices by experts in the field of P/CVE and refugee mental health. The project supports CSOs in their efforts at reintegrating traumatized young people.

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