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Peace Education

New Era Educational and Charitable Support Foundation’s Peace Education Program is dedicated to research into conflicts, armaments, arms control and disarmament. Through this we provide data, analysis and recommendations to policymakers, researchers, media and the interested public. We investigate and put forward proposals for early warning mechanisms, violence prevention and how controls and strategies can be put in place for resolving conflicts. We analyze the causes of violent conflicts in Nigeria and develop strategies for their peaceful transformation. We conduct research, trainings and make periodic publications that will contribute to the deeper understanding, acceptance and practice of peace.

Through this program we are contributing to the development of models, theories and practices of peacebuilding which facilitate the transformation of deeply rooted and resistant cultures of violence into cultures of peace, especially in Nigeria. Periodically, we convene networks of Peace Builders, scholars, peace educators, researchers and social advocates who are committed to the transformation of social policies, practices and perspectives through transcultural learning. The Institute also examines issues of freedom and justice, WMD, terrorism, “human security” and citizen-to-citizen processes of relationship- and community-building. We seek to create and open communication channels between policymakers and local NGOs, CSOs promoting human security from the bottom-up through conflict prevention and peacebuilding. Our Peace Education Program is also provided in various other platforms and settings in schools, where teachers and students receive tools, resources and training to enhance their knowledge and social skills. Through this we are contributing to the collective efforts at creating a sustainable global culture of peace.

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