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As a Nigerian NGO that is based in Jos, Plateau State, NEEDCSI has worked to promote peace, interfaith collaboration, education, and sustainable livelihoods for women and men impacted by violence over the years, most recently by insurgency. Northern Nigeria has been in a decade-long struggle with insurgents, who killed, kidnapped, and forced the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people. In communities already lacking jobs returning youth who are rejected by their families further exacerbate a fragile situation. In 2017 NEEDCSI partnered with the Global Center on Cooperative Security to provide reintegration training and support for these youth and the entire community.  In 2018, NEEDCSI received support from Peace Initiative Network (PIN) and Peace Direct as part of our “Strengthening Community Resilience and Engaging Relevant Stakeholders in the Prevention of Violence and Recruitment to Extremists Groups in Northern Nigeria”. This social protection systems support rehabilitation, community reintegration and social inclusion of youth and women, who are victims and survivors of war and violent conflicts in several parts of Nigeria, but especially in Northern Nigeria. 

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