This annual Interfaith Fellowship honors and celebrates Len and Libby Traubman, Pioneers of Global Grassroots Interfaith Peacebuilding and Founders of the Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue. Len, a pediatric dentist, retired after 35 years in his practice of dentistry and Libby, a retired clinical social worker, and former trustee of the Foundation for Global Community, have both shepherded the Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue, established in July 1992, whose principles of living together apply universally to relationships between diverse citizens and with Earth herself.  Len and Libby have travelled widely, supporting communicative next-generation of participatory citizenry to practice faith-inspired, people-and-planet decision-making that results in social, economic, cultural, and spiritual prosperity for all, excluding no one. While Len Traubman has “returned home” peacefully, Libby Traubman continues this legacy. 

One critical issue humanity faces globally today is the rise of religious fundamentalism. Religious fundamentalism is a global religious impulse that seeks to recover and publicly institutionalize aspects of the past that modern life has obscured. Religious fundamentalists take their cues from sacred texts; they maximize the distinction between humanity and religion. Humanity also faces the global challenges like terrorism and militancy. Poverty and religious fundamentalism are intrinsically intertwined with terrorism. Poverty and deprivation is the recruiting ground for terrorists. Religious fundamentalism indoctrinates their minds and accelerates this process. Formally, The Interfaith Peacebuilding Academy, now The Len and Libby Interfaith Peacebuilding Fellowship is an annual program of New Era Educational and Charitable Support Foundation, providing intense learning and experience, facilitated by a team of highly skilled and richly experienced facilitators. In an inspiring interfaith environment, participants form a community of practice and together study the art of Interfaith Peacebuilding, nonviolence and compassion in ways that will deepen their leadership potential and expand their capacity to make vital contributions to their community and the world.


The Purpose of The Len and Libby Interfaith Peacebuilding Fellowship include:

  • To develop an interfaith youth intellectual capacity to critically analyze the challenges the community faces and to work out appropriate strategies

  • To enhance youth capacity to take a stand on weighing the complex factors of considering the common good of the community

  • To initiate the grassroots interfaith perspective to bring about the common good of the community

  • To formulate a moral authority and enjoying the confidence of the apex leadership as well as that of the grassroots on interfaith concerns


This is an annual Program offered across the four Quarters in four locations for religiously-diverse young participants. The training Sessions are developed from a secular point of view, to promote interreligious understanding and appreciation for its contribution to human society. The sessions focus on building relationships and nourishing our personal creative abilities, even in surroundings of protracted violent or non-violent conflict.  The Len and Libby Interfaith Peacebuilding Fellowship fosters interfaith understanding/friendship among the society that we live in. It provides a platform for religiously-diverse participants to enter real engagement through learning about the selected topics within their context and growing in their understanding of others and the world around them. The Organizers cover participation costs associated with feeding, accommodation and local transportation.